home repairWhen a person is building a home in the state of Arizona they are some things that they can do to make their home more energy efficient. A person can also take measures to make their existing home use less energy. This is better for the environment and will help a person save money on their cooling costs. There are even some programs that will help a person make these changes. As for pest issues, there are a lot of pest control glendale az companies to ask for consulting and treatment.

Upgrade Appliances
Incandescent lights use much less electric than traditional light bulbs. Over time they will use much less electricity and will cost less money to operate.

Shade the Windows
Windows are one of the easiest ways for heat to enter the home. Be sure to put up shades and keep them closed during the day especially on the side of the home where the sun is beating down all day. Putting shades up can reduce the heat in the home that is caused by the sun as much as 50%.

Get the AC Unit Inspected
Air conditioning units are essential for people in Arizona. This will help keep the home nice and cool. Air conditioning units may need to be repaired from time to time. Once a year a certified HVAC technician should inspect the air conditioning unit especially the duct system. If a person has the proper ducting in their air conditioning unit it can save them as much as 25% of their cooling costs.

Get a High Efficiency Pool Pump
Many people in the state of Arizona have pools to cool them off. The single speed pool pump alone wastes a lot of energy. This pump can cost a person as much as $500 a year to run. To reduce this cost a person should get a two speed or a variable speed pump. A person will save a lot of money and their pool will be clean quicker.

fixing the floorSeal Up Leaking Windows and Doors
This is a quick and easy way for a person to save money on their electric bill. A homeowner should make sure that all the doors and the windows in the home are properly sealed. If there is a crack of a leak they can get some caulk or spray foam to fix this problem in no time. This is a cheap and easy fix.

These are just some easy ways that a person can become more energy efficient in the state of Arizona. These tips will help a person save money and use less energy.